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Key Publications by Dr Cherie Hawkins and TigerHawk Consulting

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Journal Articles:


Hawkins, C. (2014), "The Graduate, the Globetrotter and the Good Samaritan: Adolescent Girls' Visions of Themselves in Early Childhood", The Australian Educational Researcher, 41(5), pp. 565-583


Turner, L. R. and Hawkins, C. (2014), "Revised Expected Outcomes: Essential for Attracting Tasmanian Students to Careers in Agricultural Science", Australian Journal of Career Development, 23(2), pp. 89-95


Magazine Articles:


Hawkins, C. (2010), "Role Conflict and the Perceptions of Women in Politics", LGAT News, December 2010, p. 18




Johns, S., Crawford, N., Harris, M., Hawkins, C., Jarvis, L and McCormack, D. (2014), "A Turning Point: Impact of Participation in the University Preparation Program (UPP)"


Hawkins, C. (2011), "This is the Way it is and is Gonna Be: The Rural Reality for Young People Living on the West Coast of Tasmania"


Refereed Conference Papers:


Crawford, N., Johns, S., Jarvis, L., Hawkins, C., Harris, M. and McCormack, D. (2015), “Foundations for Change, Confidence, and New Opportunities: Impacts of a University Enabling Program in North-West Tasmania”, Handbook and Proceedings of the Inaugural Students Transitions Achievement Retention and Success (STARS) Conference, 1-4 July 2015, Melboune, Australia, pp. 1-10.


Invited Blog Posts:


Hawkins, C-L. (2014), "Raising Aspirations not the Solution to Low Participation Rates of Rural Students in Higher Education", EduResearch Matters: A Voice for Australian Educational Researchers, 19 November 2015


Book Reviews:


Hawkins, C.J. and Hawkins, C. (nd), "Book Review: Knowledge Partnering for Community Development" [book review forthcoming]


Other Output:


Hawkins, C-L. (2014), "Young, Female and Looking to the Future: Exploring the Aspirations of Adolescent Girls in Regional Tasmania", University of Tasmania, PhD Thesis





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